We all know that selling your property is one of the most stressful moments in anyone’s life, but there are many things you can do to eliminate the stress of the situation. Below, we list some of the things that will help when selling your property.  When you want to sell your property it pays to do as much research as possible into the property market. You also need to understand your local property market as there can be many variations not only from town to town but also from one street to another.

Know the market

There are many things that can make a property stand out from the rest, such as photographs of good quality, price and, of course, location. It is important to ensure that your property is priced properly and there are many ways to do it. Idealista will give you an average price per m2 of properties in your area and, of course, you can use Trovimap to evaluate the valuation of your property. If your property does not have a correct price, people may not consider it, even with the best photographs.

Plan your sale

It takes an average of 8 months to sell a property in Spain. Therefore, it is very important for you to decide what is most important to you. Do you want a quick sale and handle this by offering a low price, or is time not important to you and willing to offer the best price? Whichever route you choose, you must establish a time scale to work and monitor the queries you are receiving. If you are not receiving inquiries, you should consider lowering the price or checking to make sure your property is displayed on all major property portals. Do not be too quick to adjust the price, since buyers will monitor the market and, if they see that a property is constantly reduced, they will sit and wait for a price that they consider the lowest. When lowering the price, always eliminate the previous price, so that any new person in the market cannot see that the price is decreasing and, therefore, play the waiting game and wait for it to be reduced further.

Present it at its best

When selling your property, it must be presented in the best way. You may no longer notice the chip in the kitchen tiles, or the small crack in the window, but buyers are looking for these things. Before the images are taken, it is important to renew your property. A small amount invested could make the difference between a sale of your property or not. Make sure your images are bright and clear. Do not include any person or pet, and always optimize your photos in any of the free programs available. If possible, ask a friend to practice viewing your property. Tell them to be honest and honest and give you any possible comments on how your property is presented, both in the photographs and in the visualization. The practice makes perfect here. Search Home Staging on google and get some tips on what you can do with very little cost to make your property stand out from the rest.

Get your property seen

It is very important that your property appears in all the best portals of each country. We now live in a small world and there are thousands of property agents trying to market many properties. What you will find is that people tend not to look at the websites of individual agents, but the main portals such as Zoopla or Idealista. It is very important that your property is displayed on these portals to ensure that your property can reach the world market. Remember that Spain is a very transitory country and has a very high proportion of expatriates, so its market is not just Spain; It is a global market.

Finally prepare your property for visits.

People will move towards a positive or negative opinion of their property in the first minute of approaching their home. If they move towards the negative, it will be more difficult to have a positive vision again. Check the surroundings of your property; Is everything clean and tidy? Involve your neighbors if you get along and tell them you have a visit and ask for their understanding and assistance during the observation while keeping noise levels low. A positive approach at this stage will ensure that the rest of your visualization is a success.

Good luck in selling your property!