How it works

Selling your property with Mynido could not be easier. Our specialist team are on hand to help you every step of the way, from registration to the completion of the sale. Our multilingual team know how to sell houses and we are ready to receive enquiries from anywhere in the world. When you need to sell your house our service gives you the best chance of a quick sale but wihtout the hassle of having to deal with a number of different agents.

Create Listing

The first step is to have your property valued by completing our online form. Our valuation team will then check the market to give you an estimated value of your property.

Track Enquiries

By receiving millions of visits to the large number of global portals we use we receive many enquiries on each property. We then filter these and for the serious buyers we then arrange the viewings.

Publish Listing

Once you have confirmed the price you wish to sell at we take the details of your property and create an attention grabbing listing that will encourage enquiries to be submitted to us via the global portals we use or our own modern website.

Sell Your Property

Once the viewing has happened we can negotiate on your behalf a price agreeable between you and the buyer. Once the sale is agreed we will then arrange for the deposit contract to be signed and deposits paid, ready for the legal team to complete the sale.

To sell your property online could not be easier. Mynido offers everything a traditional estate agent can but because we operate online we can pass the savings onto you. If you have any concerns then complete our online form and we will be in touch to discuss how mynido can work for you. We’re with you every step of the way; from the valuation at the start, through to helping guide you through to exchanging of contracts, so you can relax and enjoy the next chapter.

You could argue that your property might sell for more through a traditional estate agent, and that’s possible of course. However, research shows that estate agents typically overvalue a property by as much as €74,000, and those properties that have been overvalued actually end up selling for 5% less than properties which are priced realistically to begin with, we’d say it’s more likely that you’d end up selling for less, after an agonising 3-6 months of your property sitting on the market. So why wait to reduce your price and still pay an agent 5%. Our recommendation is to go straight to the market with a realistic price without having to add on 5% to cover your agency fees.